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Let me tell you a little about me… I grew up singing around campfires and writing poems, and learned to fingerpick when John Prine released his first album in the early ‘70s. I tried my hand at being a starving musician, but I hated playing bars and just being part of the background noise. I LOVE it when the crowd is engaged, even better, singing along.

Thirty years ago, Sol Cat racing catamarans used my song “Once is Enough” for a commercial, and made me “Camaraderie Chairman.” They gave me a free Sol Cat and paid my expenses to all the regattas around the country, and my job was to sing and play around the campfire and at the awards banquets. It was a great period of my life.

I put down my music for 25 years, and became “responsible,” but picked it back up a few years ago when my sister was dying of pancreatic cancer. Along the way, I lost my gall bladder and half of a lung, survived cancer, made a fortune, and lost it all in the Crash of ’08. I lost my oldest daughter last year. I became acutely aware of my own mortality, and realized my music is all I ever really wanted to do. I have been playing around the South Bend area (I moved here 3 years ago from the Rocky Mountains), and several musical acts have started playing my songs. Some of their recordings, and now mine, are played on local radio on a regular basis. I was one of the winners of a talent contest put on by the American Countryside Farmers Market, and they’ve had me play a few places. Several local acts have me sit in for a few of my songs whenever I’m at one of their shows, and joHn Kennedy (of Kennedy’s Kitchen) and I have recently co-authored several songs.

I’ve recently started getting a lot of bookings at local retirement homes, etc., because this is one type of crowd I’m very comfortable with. They listen, interact, and genuinely have a good time. I enjoy helping people enjoy themselves.

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